Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Just checked this blog, I haven't update for a long time! The first reason probably just like others - Laziness!
So I just checked the last blog that I wrote, I think it was after we moved out Sydney and now we live in Shanghai for almost two years, living here is not that easy as I thought, still not get used to it, but still trying!
Back to the U.S for Xmas and left on the new year's day, it's a short trip, didn't have time to adjust jetlag, but I had good time!
The picture is typical morning that in our apartment everyday, it's steamy on window, one of my job after wake up, I have to clean water on those glasses, it's everyday work in winter time!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I still call Australia Home

"The Boy from OZ"
"I Still Call Australia Home - Hugh Jackman "

I've been to cities that never close down
From New York to Rio and old London town
But no matter how far
Or how wide I roam
I still call Australia home

I'm always travelin'
And I love bein' free
So I keep leavin' the sun and the sea
But my heart lies waiting over the foam
I still call Australia home

All the sons and daughters spinning 'round the world
Away from their families and friends
Ah, but as the world gets older and colder
It's good to know where your journey ends

And someday we'll all be together once more
When all the ships come back to the shore
Then I realize something I've always known
I still call Australia home

No matter how far
Or how wide I roam
I still call Australia home

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I was in Wiliamsburg on Monday. If not a school trip, I wont visit there!
Teacher told me that place has become a new poplar place in New York.
Many coffee shops, art galleries, Clothes shops, bars....etc.
Just too bad when we visited all galleries were closed, because we were there too early!
That was a good day, when I got home, that was 3 pm !
I don't want to be home late so everyday i always think if I could come home early ,I would!
Many people ask me why, I always tell them because of my bus time table!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Life after Sydney..

After my studied in Australia, we moved back to NJ after 4 years!

This time things didnt looks so good as before.

First he quit his job and as News said the jobless rate is going higher and higher, sometimes I just think maybe news is just bluffing, because I watched other channel they interviewed some crab famers, and they said they have job but most americans doesnt want to do it, because of the job is long hours, and boring, also u have to smell crabs all day long, so I think there is no job, but depends on what you want or not, Job is in everywhere, but if you work hard, you will get one!

I went back to ESL class again, and same school but different teachers and classmates, from 10 am to 3pm, and an hour lunch time. In the class, I am kinda 2nd or 3rd oldest in class, some of them are pretty young, but the most important is we get along very well, maybe because of we are all from asia and have similar culture or background!

I think thats just recently what happened in my life, I hope i could write more but it's almost my check out time, so I have to pack and check out!

I am in Chestertown, Maryland!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Toy

I just found this website and it can make a photo in different view, its quiet cool, you just need flickr accounts!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Have not post for a long time

I don't think there is anyone keep reading my site regularly, because I am too lazy to write something everyday, but I would like to talk about what happen recently.

These past two years, My friendship relationship just faced a some kind of problem, some of my friend told me You don't need those kind of friends or get over it, but when someone just refused your friendship, I think its kinda sad for everyone, even you just said I don't care, but is it real that you don't care anything? Be honest, everyone hurts a little bit. For me hurts a lot, especially these years, I left my country and friendship is some kind important for me, so when someone refused me, that hurt more than anything else, I think I am just too soft in my heart.

Second, I wanna talk about my study, it almost finished still have 3 weeks to go, glad last 2 semesters I was just lucky to passed all the subjects, but I don't think this time I think I will fail on "Finance"( I am also looking for help, anyone??).

Third is I am going to East coast in August, I can't wait. I think i love New York more than Sydney, but just my personal prefer. I do miss New York very much, walking on 5th Avenue or sitting in bryan park, that always make me feel good, also there are some good friends waiting for me, I really miss New York.....

I think thats enough news for me. I have to go back to do my assignment.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Just passed my 35th birthday, very peaceful day, the weather was good.

We walked from our apartment to the opera house, then the rocks weekend market, and we had dinner near the opera house. On our way back, we both has a ice-cream near where we live!

Not so many classmates celebrated that with me, because this is our final exam period, and everyone just stay home and study.
This semester I did not study as harder as last semester, and I also lost my interested on my study, but someone keeps to tell me, just do your best, you will do well.